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Roberto Bernal Valenzuela

Grados académicos: 
2006-2008 Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard, Department of Evolutionary Biology, Cambridge, USA.
2002-2006 PhD in Physics, University of Santiago, Chile.
2001 Bachelor degree in Applied Physics, University of Santiago, Chile.
Línea de investigación: 
Cell Mechanics, Biophysics, Advance Instrumentation. Currently working on RBC active plasma membrane fluctuations.
My work as a teacher at the University of Santiago has focused on the subjects of Physical Fundamentals of Modern Microscopy, Experimental Physics, Experimental Techniques and Electrodynamics in the Physical Engineering careers and the common Engineering plan.
Throughout my academic career at the University of Santiago de Chile, I have developed my sense of research towards various topics of mechanics of biological systems, especially in the mechanics of neurites and red blood cells. Also, in the development of advanced optical instrumentation such as optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy. Currently, I have focused on the study of active fluctuations in the plasma membrane of red blood cells.
Since June 2018 I have held the position of Director of the Physics Department, member of the Postgraduate Committee (2010-2012) and Director of the Physics Engineering program (2010-2016) of the Physics Department.