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Online seminars: Algebra, particles and Foundations



Cycle of Online Seminars in Algebra, Particles and Foundations

The cycle is aimed at advanced students, postdocs and teachers.


Invited talks:

Lucien Hardy, Perimeter Institute,

The Causaloid approach to quantum theory

Monday 1st of November, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Anna Pachol, Queen Mary London

Digital quantum geometry

Monday 15th of November, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh, Rutgers University

Bohmian mechanics

Monday 29th of November, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Howard Barnum, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jordan algebras in quantum theory

Monday 13th of December, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Markus Müller, Inst. for quantum optics and quantum information, Vienna

Division algebras / Jordan algebras and quantum foundations

Monday 17th of January, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Shahn Majid, Queen Mary London

An associative construction of the octonions

Monday 31st of January, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Peter Woit, Columbia University

Euclidean twistor unification

Monday 14th of February, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Andreas Trautner, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg

Symmetries of symmetries in particle physics

Monday 28th of February, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Jorge Zanelli, CECS

Unconventional SUSY

Monday 14th March, 6pm Berlin time (1pm Chile)


Talks are requested to be aimed at the level of advanced students, postdocs, and faculty in theoretical physics.  Please feel free to invite students and colleagues; everyone is welcome.


Access via zoom link:


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