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High Energy, Gravitation and Mathematical Physics

Our research focuses on Particle Physics problems, such as non-perturbative aspects, axions, dark matter, applications to cosmology, supersymmetric and integrable systems, and gravitation.

Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

Our research focuses on the study of interactions between quantum systems, such as atoms, QED cavities, trapped ions, superconducting circuits, with an emphasis on preparation control, dynamics and measurement, for applications in quantum technology.


Our research is mainly focused on the study of the environment, outer space, and modeling of geophysical systems.
Our research focuses on the study of the static and dynamic properties of magnetization in nanostructures of various geometries and materials. These systems are approached from theory, numerical simulations and experiments, counting on state-of-the-art laboratories and the handling of a variety of numerical and analytical calculation techniques.
Our research focuses on the study of mechanical properties of materials such as fluids, granular, brittle matter, thin films, and biological systems, through micro and macro scale mechanical tests, ultrasound techniques, optical profilometry, optical and magnetic tweezers, microscopy of atomic force, among others.